[WayV-log] WINWIN's Quarantine vlog : Wake Up & Breakfast

게시일 2021. 04. 07.
WayV Official
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  • i love the tragic BGM choice by the editor HAHAHA

  • the fact that he still looks gorgeous with his morning face. puffy who?

  • Nemenin si bujang sarapan😊


  • i love Winwin so freaking hard, I can't

  • Please buat admin wayv, tolong tambahkan subtitles indonesia, disetiap videonya, terimacash

  • Ww is so bored i kent

  • Gila quarantine day nya 21 hari ??

  • me: oh exams are approaching also me: oWh tHeRe's a nCT DaiLy UpDate ! MusT WaTch ! ._.

  • am i the only one who is shook that from 17:30 to 8:00 they don’t have food?? i would be starving by breakfast

  • wta, itu makanan bulet kaya bakpao namanya apa..

  • Winwin i laaaffff you

  • Proud of wayv's editor

  • Subtitle Indonesia please 😭

  • this man is bored as hell😭😂

  • I Miss him so bad 😭

  • 우리 윈깅이 많이 심심했겠다 ㅠㅠ 그나저나 오늘도 역시나 빛이나는 .. 아침에 일어나자 마자 캠켰는데 저렇게 잘생긴사람이 몇이나 되겠냐고오오오오!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oi siopao HAHAHAHAH

  • Lampuny caffer tpi si winwin gk peka✊😭

  • i'm sorry hendery, i'm falling in love with winwin. but don't worry, i will always come back to you 😭 winwin is just too lovable

  • That "HI" in the beginning is my life🔥

  • 2:55 monster playing in the background and me vibin’ to it while looking at this beautiful man


  • i am damn sure haechan and taeil is watching this everyday........secretly

  • Ini channel wayV apa channel winwin ih gemoy banyak winwinnya😭🥺❤❤

  • Untung udah beres ya beb karantina nya huhu 😭💚

  • 죄송한데 아침부터 외모 포텐 과다인거 같은데요...

  • te amo winwin, eres demasiado lindo cuando comes y pláticas, eres una persona lindisima, te quiero tanto winwin sin ti la vida se me va

  • winwin you're a good person right, God bless u stay safe n healthy okay ^^

  • Love you!

  • I love you Winwin ❤😘

  • winwin is very handsome and cute

  • i can't with the editor 🤣


  • I can't resist the BGM. Very creative 😭

  • 윈깅이 아푸지마 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  • my boys really losing his mind in quarantine meanwhile lucas is having the best spa weeks of his life 😭

  • You know,I’m really glad I used 6 minutes of my life just to watch this

  • Winwin,miss you 😘

  • Winwin so precious 🥺✨🇧🇷

  • 💚💚

  • So Cute✌😩💕💕💕💕

  • Luv u winwin you my ult

  • did he get corona or what happened?

  • I didn’t know Kun is allergic to mushrooms

  • idk if im laughing at how sad this vlog is or pitying how sad this vlog is

  • I just can’t focus because the bgm😭😭😭

  • not me smiling like an idiot heereeee when he greet at the beginning

  • omg this child hahahahahahahahahahahaa

  • win orang mah abis bangun tidur minum

  • 可爱

  • These editors deserve a raise.

  • man is suffering in a hotel room sm editor: lets put sad music in the background and some cute noices so they dont see him suffering :D

  • somebody save him

  • save our baby

  • the type of vlogs I was looking forward too!! thank uu haha

  • What is wrong with the light on the ceiling 😂😂

    • And the sad background music, I-💀🤣🤣🤣 Them editors deserve a raise😌✨

  • So cute!!

  • lihat seperti bayi

  • idk if im being susceptible but these edited sound annoyed me so much but i'll still enjoy it cuz winwin is the best

  • what I can say, quarantine life is hard🤣 you want to rest and chilling during that time.. it was what you think. but, after day 1.. you suddenly want to go out of that quarantine place, you don't want to be at that place anymore😂

    • you suddenly think that you want to do outdoor activity even though you may not like it😂 and the important parts, you don't enjoy being alone😔 suddenly you want to hug someone, ahahahahha that's all

  • น้อนนนนนต่งงงง ฟังmonsterด้วยอ่าาาได้ยิน

  • give us Indonesian subtitles

  • I love that he actually seems to have filmed himself as he wakes up? 🥺

  • Winwin giving off aww my boyfriend just woke up vibes I would never have🥺🥺bb

  • told chu that we need need a video of winwin recording himself

  • min 3:00 and Shawn and Justin singing Monster :'3:'3

  • him thinking about Kun while eating his dumpling is so cuuute

  • That's so adorable, him just thanking all the staff workers for helping them 😍🥰🥰

  • Глядя на него я тож спать захотела

  • He's so adorableeeee😭❤️

  • Wow... such a long quarantine although being tested negative? Why not a second test after one week to ten days in quarantine? I guess each country has it's own view on this quarantine topic!

    • @pineapple1612 Oh ok thanks for the info

    • @Mary Flaviano Winwin and Lucas went to China for some schedules (Which is also the reason for them to not partake in the promotions for their recent comeback)... And due to Covid Lucas, Winwin and their staff had to go into quaratine. And apparently in China you have to be quarantined for 21 when you come from abroad.

    • What had happened?

  • the editor is cool in editing background sound HAHAHA

  • aaaaaa winwin i miss youuU

  • duh sekarang gua deg degan kalo anak wayv bikin vlog di dorm:( takut nyantol ghostnya divideo, padahal beda negara tapi gua ttp aja jadi takut kalo mau ke kamar mandi:)

  • he's so dramatic and lovely, I love this man 😭

  • Winwin missing his members huhuhu

  • Jodoh org ganteng banget 😭

  • Looking healthy winwin-ah

  • He is so cutee

  • Suaranya bikin meleyot

  • This was literally me in quarantine. Waiting for food to be served and eating cup noodles 😂😂

  • The editor of this video deserves a raise hahahha

  • Winwin my child is so adorable

  • Oh Kun doesn't eat mushroom?

  • kun是不喜欢蘑菇还是过敏啊?

  • 早餐中间红色的是什么?

  • Itu lampunya 😬😱👻

  • 给了仨包子中间还有快腐乳


  • Dong si cheng,,, can you not be so cute??

  • هذا اصغر مخلوق بعالمنااااا يرجاكم ابي اتكفل احميهه

  • Salfok sama sound piano nya kayak di sinetron indo*iar😭🤣

  • what's with that violin bg music?? lmao

  • mas winggg

  • Wayv is in Beijing or him he said we?...

  • so cute


  • Gemaaaasssssssnyaaaaaa pen culiiiikkkkk😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 hayuuukkk baaaannggg😁😁😁😁😁😁😁