[WayV-ehind] 'Kick Back' Jacket Behind : Day1

게시일 2021. 03. 20.
🎬'秘境 (Kick Back)' MV: ko-u.info/losk/bidio/Z5lkpn-EqIN5fXk​​
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  • Can we define it the unbothered kings expression concept? I wonder what the photographer tell them before the shot eh eh They are all 7 so esthetical

  • I love the behind the scenes ❤️


  • WayV💚💚💚💚💚

  • Winwin starting the video with his cuteness supremacy

  • WayV

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • cinta

  • This was shot way back in last year?

  • "i am groot" 😭😭😭

  • 18:01 Kun 당신은 훌륭한 리더이자 사람입니다. 나는 당신을 사랑하고 항상 당신을 지원할 것입니다.

  • i love kun so much it hurts

  • man, the camera editing and the transition insane. im just saying😭 the editor make the video 100000% satisfying to watch

  • Kun is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Xiaojun @ 17:59 tho..


  • 请添加语言翻译 indonesia

  • Anak ayam gendong bayi besar hehe

  • You did so amazing guys :) love you all so much

  • Xiaojun and Lucas, bros forever ✌️

  • WOW XIAOJUN 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I love Xiaojun so much, everything about him make me love him more & more. Happy face ^O^

  • These outfits are so gorgeous

  • whenever I click the pause bottom it's already being a wallpaper


  • STOP the Uyghur genocide

  • not my first time here but i came back because of V4 (instead of F4)

  • hendery so mood😍😍😍

  • Lucas and xiaojun are the most goodlooking besties in kpop!

  • Ten I- 🧍‍♀️ 6:15

  • When ten pose it just " RIGHT "

  • Always come for TenYang

  • Ten with his gf !

  • xiaojun bisa diyam bntr tidakkk?

  • Overflowing visuals

  • How can someone like winwin be so cute and hot in the same time. Also im very grateful they didn't whitewash lucas this time his skin tone is gorgeous

  • winwin...a man that come with fansclub > hendery hahahahhaha

  • How to become SM’s staff??

  • 12:27 I need to know the name of the song😭😭😭

  • all of you are handsome! ha ha ha

  • Cuteeeee

  • Ten: Today’s concept is Playful Princes ‘cringes’ ahahah so funny 🤣

  • I lived for xio dejun all captured moments so ethereal ..we support u no matter what..be healthy and keep safe ,.dj

  • this whole video is an instant serotonin boost, I CAN'T STOP SMILINGGG ​😭​

  • ルーカスの登場が可愛すぎて、スクショ撮った人たくさんいるでしょ?

  • 0:36 董思成真帅啊~ !!❤️❤️ 很喜欢Hendery的粉红色的头发!

  • The photographer's position on the ground combined with the animal print on their clothes makes me feel like I'm watching a video from National Geographic.

  • Xiaojun looks gorgeous in the pearls outfit

  • yangyang needs to chill

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  • Filming Winwin is so cuteee

  • Hendery: " magazine pose" hahahaha

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  • Jadwal kalian sangat padat, shoot ini di sela waktu promosi nct 2020. Gak kebayang betapa lelahnya kalian. Kalian hebat sangat luar biasa. Terima kasih ya sudah berkerja keras dan buat album yg bagus. Aku sangat menghargainya. Yuk Semangat streaming nya guys.

  • lucas is moodbooster OMG DON'T LOST HIS SMILE

  • lucas duality is just- 😭

  • WayV 😍😍

  • 18:01 kenapa di kepala gue kedenger lagu “katakanlah sekarang bahwa kau tak bahagia...” (“:

  • Yashhh, mood booster!

  • lucas and xiaojun immediate crossing hand

  • lucas smiling, waving cutely, lock the door while saying nothing editor: tall guy privilege lmaoooo

  • 12:48 increíble, hasta corriendo es ADORABLE. Yang Yang, mi imposible.

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  • 1:25 okay we understand how we love a sharp jawline but Xiaojun has sharp a** cheekbones then look at just his fucking face like wtf and he glows he’s flexing without trying to flex 💀💀

  • 14:20 the way they slowed down on winwin for us to just absorb all the beauty

  • ♡♡♡♡

  • Lmao ww's face @14:50

  • That freaking lucky camera man......I 🥺

  • there are so handsome omg

  • 20:08 winwin face mcibvubrfuicjpds+la

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  • Not at them singing F4 :x


  • 😂😂😂😂

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • KunJun/XiaoKun energy on Kickback stages, but XiaoCas force is strong here. And then HenWin jumped lol

  • our maknae yangyang

  • Anak gantenggg

  • 我:要月考了,20分鐘這麼長的影片還是別看了 **20分鐘後** 還是我:真香( ˶ ❛ ꁞ ❛ ˶ )

  • damn the editor had fun with this behind huh 😳

  • I just wanted to check out Wayv after listening to their songs for 4-5 months...I came and got more confused to their kornese...pLs- Ik there are subs but I wanted to learn korean-

  • 2:30 hendery

  • I got my daily dose of Xiaocas...like they soo cute

  • Hendery is giving Coco Rocha a run for her money

  • 12:13 kun's glances SENDS me, ahh the things our great leader has to put up with with all these crackheads...love them

  • the VISUALS

  • Security is not allowed up here LMAOO poor Kun

  • WayV, a group full of insanely good looking, talented, funny, chaotic and cute creatures. I stan.

  • Thanks for the hard work, uri wayV

  • Let me take a moment and adore everything about Kun.

  • I can't stand V4's doing, they're so hilarious Hendery : Will you merry me Winwin : ???? Hendery : So, you say Yes or No Meanwhile Lucas : He's Groot Winwin : I'm Groot Confusing Me : Hendery, do you want to ask for marriage or have a fight? It's not romantic proposal. LoL

  • And suddenly they sing F4 song.....

  • Seeing Hendery pose in silly & taken by other that not the member... where can i get this level of confident???

  • I dunno that I need Hendery cam untill this video came out X’D Plus behind the scene of how Hendery taken that...

  • How can every taken pictures become so aesthetic??? They’re trully an art themself.

  • Only wayv could flex with 3 different languages in one sentences

  • Xiaojun 🔥🔥❤️

  • Everyone: Speaks in Chinese Ten: speaks in korean

  • Mashita

  • 我有一个疑问,ten为啥突然不说中文了?以前都看到他说中文