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게시일 2020. 12. 26.
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  • Amo a Lucas con mi corazón

  • 루카스가 너무 잘 생겼어

  • 욱희의 자신감을 사랑해

  • 💚

  • Such a giant baby. ㅠㅠ ♥︎

  • Okey Lucas we same. But yeah-

  • Ayyy amo tanto a lucas, a primera vista puede parecer rudo pero en realidad tiene un aura y personalidad encantadora y dulce, realmente es un big baby.

  • クッッソ可愛いなおい

  • I really love his hair here, he looks good. 😍

  • Lucas so cuteeeee

  • Why is he so damn cute?!

  • OMG!!!!! It’s Lucas😩🥵 My Husband 🥵❤️❤️

  • Bungassxa kmu syaaankkk

  • Happy third anniversary!!!!!

  • Saranghaeeeee

  • So handsome

  • I love u

  • Ilysm

  • Lucas

  • Baby❤💕

  • please I need an indo sub ((

  • ♥♥♥

  • oh babie

  • 나 중국어 몰라 근데 나도 그거 좋아ㅎ 오빠사랑햏❤️❤️

  • 울 짱카스 짱사랑해

  • Lucas's support color is yellow💛

  • 💚💚💚

  • 💚💚💚

  • Luca

  • Lucad

  • He’s so mhm 😩

  • WayV Lucas yee

  • we have a lot of similarities, my baby!

  • Lucas es tan tierno y a la vez tan atractivo 🖤 ahora entiendo porque Ten le dice giant baby :')

  • lucas is cute in korean but seckski in chinese

  • Lucas chose ocean...

  • I Will hehe

  • the cutest giant baby

  • Very very handsome💞😄

  • You are so adorable, Xuxi I love you

  • Ilysmm

  • Lucas "hehe" ia sf Cute😭

  • He's just so adorable

  • 욱희야 너무 귀엽잖아 ㅜㅜ

  • Bastard, stop hiding! Are you dumb? Just admit your ideal type is 165 cm tall girl! 😈😈😈

  • 진짜 너무 잘생겼잖아

  • .Liked~

  • I did not understand anything of what he said, but he looks gorgeous speaking in chinese.

  • 總在很想你的時候 會重複看好多次你的影片 有時候因為工作上的不順 幾乎每天在通勤的時間不斷的重複看同個喜歡的視頻 看到你很忙碌很開心的樣子 有時候看影片看到你很疲憊很認真的樣子 都是每個人最真實的樣子 我曾經在泡泡說過 即便我們無法見面 無法擁有 也無法更了解誰 但是我永遠都會支持著你們想成為的威神V以及自己 還有我愛你黃旭熙 真的好想你😭💚

  • lucas is the most adorable human being

  • I'm almost done watching WayV's videos 🥺

  • Lucas so cute!

  • Damn... Lucas's ideal type is below 160 cm... But his lion wife is 165 cm... Fuck Lucas forever! Stupid as fuck!

  • hi, for all of you who haven't liked Lucas's last status on his official Instagram, please help give like to his last status, because he said if his likes reach 3 million, he will vlog every month, please help, if you don't have Instagram, please install the application. This is the link of his official account instagram.com/lucas_xx444?igshid=1ga560em3pouk


  • Happy birthday 💚

  • Happy Lucas day 🎉

  • 내새끼...❤️❤️

  • Lucasious ♥️

  • My baby

  • I need more Lucas's solo content :(

  • Hmeltha eltiang

  • wayv channel where is more lucas content???? i want SOLO lucas content!

  • lucas is so down to earth and freaking adorable

  • Hehehe gemoyy banget bayiku T.T

  • aweee i love lucas plus his piercings are so nice

  • Luv u

  • he is so cute😭

  • HEII YOU!!!! WHY IS YOUR SMILE SO SWEET??? NEOMU HANDSOME Lucas : you know why :):):)

  • His energy is so youthful, such a lovely human being

  • all i need : Lucas

  • the lack of lucas' contents in this channel...

  • Indonesian subtitles please

  • Love you Lucas ❤😍😚😚😚❤❤❤❤

  • Lucas kangen..

  • 我喜欢你💚💚💚

  • Indonesian subtitle please

  • Ilysm babyyyy

  • Lucas smile Me be like:🏃🏃🤸🤸

  • Lucaaaasss you handsome gentleman nice polite, you’re beautiful person

  • senyumannya itulohh bikin meninggoy

  • My baby

  • 💚💚💚💚

  • He's way too cute for this world

  • Ilysm ♡

  • Kangen Lucas love love love

  • XUXI ♡♡♡♡♡

  • hahaha i love lucas he s such a mood and flexing baby

  • I love hearing his voice.... so soothing

  • Lucas' laugh and giggles make my day

  • It's so annoying to see some comments teasing Lucas's Mandarin. His mother tongue is Cantonese that's why sometimes his Mandarin pronunciation is a bit off. We all know his mandarin has improved a lot, shouldn't we be happy for him instead of teasing him?

  • “幹琴伴奏”

  • I can see he struggles to speak mandarin

  • he’s already somehow made himself my nct bias over jeno and johnny and my superm bias over kai (my exo bias) and taemin (my shinee bias) but I KEEP SIMPING FOR HIMMMMMMMMMMMM HES SO CUTE 😭

  • I love u

  • Lucas has Bokuto vibes :3

  • My man not yalls lol

  • 卡卡中文进步很大

  • The cutest and purest smile in this world goes to this gentleman