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게시일 2021. 01. 02.
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  • YangYang

  • 양양 웃을때 너무 귀여워❤️

  • i wish all sasaengs a very i hope you step on a lego

  • “I get calls from strangers often” I am ready to hurt these mfs 😃

  • Yangyang l love you


  • mommy boy💙

  • He’s so pure, protect him!

  • Baby 🥺🥺🥺

  • Just last month yangyang's family adopted another doggie by the name of feifei

    • The liu family are so lucky

    • They absolutely has the cutest names and personality

    • Also see how all their names are repeated? Like.. yangyang niannian and now feifei

    • So now, the liu family has 2 doggies, niannian and feifei

  • Mata yangyang mirip mata mama nya... Kenapaa gemusshhh pisannn eh anak aing 😭😭💚💚

  • I get calls from stranger all the time and thought that was just... normal... until I read the comments and was like “ohhhhhhhhhh”

  • I love how decisive he is in his every choice like my indecisive self can't relate


  • So lovely

  • Yangyang : You always make me happy Me : Yangyang is my happiness


  • You are my sun too yangyang You make me happy just by watching you on screen

  • I really feel bad when he said that he is afraid of the call from strangers


  • me using this as a bgm, so healing!!

  • Yangyang I love you

  • You are my ☀ too

  • he's so cute, no doubt.

  • YangYang calling out the sasaengs I see.

  • you are my sun, you as well makes me a hundred times happier Liu Yangyang!!! ilyou

  • i could finally see your precious smile on a big screen *sobss

  • hi babyyyy

  • "Texting! I don't like answering phone calls. I'm scared because I get calls from strangers often" *several people are typing...*

  • 어휴 사생들 전화하지 말어라 애가 무섭대잖아,,,,, 양양아 사랑해

  • Watch leonidas

  • Yangyang best boy Yangyang ace Yangyang so cool Yangyang so cute Yangyang schappi Yangyang 🐏

  • mon soleil

  • He so precious😤

  • 🧡🧡

  • Okay now i wonder how hendery chose couch over bed when there are clothes on the couch 🤔

  • I had to double check my playback speed because I thought it was increased but it's just rapper Yangyang talking fast! lol

  • menino que velocidade é essa

  • Hay 🐑🐑

  • babieeeee

  • YangYang ❤

  • I imagine yangyang's mom so beautiful bcuz yangyang said yangyang mom say he ugly when he become Ariel lmao

  • Yangyang

  • yangyang I love so much:(

  • Damn I cant stop smiling!

  • hello baby I love u

  • Ahh this Cute baby really caught my attention

  • cutie bb

  • ☀️

  • Ohhhh yangyang this that 😍

  • yangyang ngomong nya cepet bgt kaya ngerap

  • please add sub indonesia🙏🙏

  • 💚💚💚💚👍👍👍👍

  • Best maknae

  • Yangyang love u . Fighting

  • love you more yangyang, take care❤

  • Yangyang you're my Sunshine.

  • This was released the day after he performed the asteroid stage that was so iconic. Straight up made my month!

  • Im ready to fight those strangers

  • Please stop calling the neos, you freaking psycho! 😑😑 dont you know how annoying that is??!! Hope the agency can protect my baby yangyang

  • we need to protect this baby

  • Kiyiwo

  • His voice + Chinese language = magical ✨😍

  • We miss rainbowV

  • Whenever I watch this or that i have to get it 0.75x cause it's too fast to read and listen 🥲🥲

  • I was thrilled with the drawing he did! I'm always yours fan 💚

  • he saied so fast !

  • PLEASE STOP ANNOYING IDOLS. you are just hurting them and making them feel anxious and angry, they'll never feel happy if you keep doing those things. Leave them live in peace, please. This is not a joke.

  • Yangyang is so relatable~ i just dont know why but he just feels like a friend even when he is an idol ^_^

  • I suddenly felt the urge of stabbing an eyeball with a fork when Yangyang said that he receive calls from strangers often

  • please translate Indonesian on this channel 🙏😢

  • Actually Yangyang was rapping while he was talking 😸 It's really fast

  • 💚💚💚💚

  • i hope those random strangers or ssngs will respect idols privacy and peace of mind :(( stop digging abt their numbers and calling them !!! go get a life !!!

  • Sub. Indonesia please huhuhuuuuuuu....

  • That hurt when he talks about stranger's call. They aren't shame. SM should protect your artists.

  • Wayv maknae is so cute^♡^.. im crying this baby so cute💚

  • “I don’t like answering phone calls, I’m scared because I get calls from strangers often” ok, somethings not right

  • Yangyang ♡♡♡

  • Please sub indonesia

  • Hi low kamusta na kayo cute tlga ni yang yang at ni johnny

  • The way he says HI ! reminded me of my kitten Hyeya

  • YangYang 💚✨

  • Pelan pelan Yang ngomongnya🙄

  • Why is no one talking about how cute he sounds when he says Yangyang and Hi 0:01 🥺❤️✨

  • if yangyang not baby then why baby sized

  • “i get calls from strangers often” this aint it sis . protect yangyang ffs

  • “i get calls from strangers often” this aint it sis . protect yangyang ffs

  • he is so precious

  • my daily serotonin boost :)

  • YANG YAAAANG SARANGHAEEE. Love, from Philippines♥️

  • My baby yangyang

  • I never noticed before but he talks a thousand miles per hour.. the speed reading I did! Also I wish there was a way they could protect their phone number so no one would ever find them. How is there no secure deal for celebrities?

  • His little “hi” at the beginning is soooo cute!!

  • You are the best, love u!!!

  • What's with way v and this or that??

  • Thank you, SM editors for leaving his comment about the phone in (although it sounded like the manager freaked out in the background??). This sick stalking behavior *should be addressed* instead of always swept under the rug. Sasaengs should be publically shamed for the psychological damage they do to the people that profess to "love." It makes me sick that these guys have to constantly deal with sasaeng calls. During lives they are muting their phones every few minutes. I don't know enough languages or have enough internet savvy to know what forums these sasaeng freaks operate on, but if anyone runs across this stalking nonsense, please do your part to help shut it down and give these extremists a much-needed dose of reality.

  • Yangyang babe i know u own a lot of hoodies so by chance can I have one with your perfume smell in it please 😭 lol jk he won’t even notice this comment of mine 💚

  • yangyangyangyangyangyangyangyang

  • He's cuteeeeeeee